Are you new to the hive?

Sarah established Honey Hive Birth Services with the intent to help educate birthing folks on their body's innate power, teach them how to spot coercive care, and care for them in a way that gives them a sense of joy and empowerment through the act of birth.

Honey Hive serves Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire and offers several different packages to choose from, so you are able to get the level of care your desire, when you desire it. These care options include purely virtual care, in person birth and postpartum support, birth and postpartum overnight care, birth and photography packages, bereavement care, or simply just postpartum transition care.

Honey Hive aims to serve all birthing bodies regardless of income, race, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status. All birthing bodies deserve respectful and compassionate care through the many changes their mind and body will encounter through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. Please feel free to check our crowd funding campaign called The Honey Pot that exists to support at risk birthers who have also been hit with economic hardships.

Sarah specializes in trauma informed care, peripartum and postpartum mood disorders, postpartum transitions, and evidence based birthing practices with a primary focus on the unique needs of each birther. If you are searching for care it is free to reach out and see just how she can help you.